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Maple Syrup

The majestic maples and rich, fertile soils of northern New York produce outstanding flavored syrup. If you can't make your own we'd be more than willing to sell you some.
*Until our supply runs out.

Syrup is great for cooking with so don't forget to pick up some  RECIPES  before you leave.
You might want to consider buying a gallon and making your own Maple Candy and Cream. It's easier than it sounds and you can find the instructions on the CANDY & CREAM page.

Maple Syrup Grades:
New York maple syrup producers must meet exacting state standards for purity. Grade A syrup can be made only by the evaporation of pure maple sap, and by weight must contain no less than 66% sugar. New York Grade A maple syrup is classified according to it's color. The darker the syrup, the stronger the flavor.

  Maple Syrup Grades:
  • NY Grade A Light Amber
    - the lightest with a mild and delicate flavor
  • NY Grade A Medium Amber
    - a bit darker with a rich flavor
  • NY Grade A Dark Amber
    - a bit darker yet with a strong maple flavor
  • NY Extra Dark for Cooking
    - Robust maple flavor ideal for maple recipes

Northern New York

Plastic Jugs

NY maple syrup jug
Gallon     128 oz $48.95
shipping - 19.70
Total - $68.65
Select Grade

½ Gallon     64 oz $29.50
shipping - 18.80
Total - $48.30
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Quart     32 oz $17.50
shipping - 16.00
Total - $33.50
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