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LEADER - Half Pint HOBBY Evaporator       Leader 
- Half Pint Evaporator - $1370.

The Half Pint will take you out of the "Colonial Period" and into the "Modern Age".
Finished syrup is drawn off the "finishing section" as more sap is continually "dribbled" into the first pan section.
The small evaporator pan won't make you a bulk producer but the quality of the syrup made will be much lighter than the Kettle method.

This evaporator is capable of producing a gallon of syrup per day.
Average boiling day: 8 - 10 hours
Average number of taps needed for a full days boiling - 25
Average sap yield: over 1 gallon per tap, per day

A rule of thumb is 1/3 gallon of syrup per tap/season. An average sap season is about six weeks
Syrup must be packed at 180 F and at a minimum of 66 Brix to avoid spoilage.

Ideal for the backyard Sugar Maker with 15 to 50 taps, this dandy little unit has been redesigned and improved to make operation easier and more efficient.

The evaporator pan is made of stainless steel and divided into three sections. A reservoir pan allows for manually feeding preheated sap into the evaporator pan while maintaining boil.
Pan: Flat bottom 2 x 3 ft.
Preheater pan: 2 ft. x 8 in. fits over evaporator pan

The redesigned arch: 2 x 3 ft.
made from galvanized sheet metal with cast iron door and steel legs. The new draft control and grate system allow for faster, hotter fires. A steel collar is attached to the back of the arch to accommodate a standard 6 inch smoke stack (not included).

The arch is designed to be bricked using standard 1/2 and full firebricks
(not included - 42 full and 62 half bricks).

      LEADER - Half Pint HOBBY Evaporator
Leader Half Pint Evaporator

Flat Pan - $1370.

Comes with easy to follow instructions.
shipped standard UPS
Price includes shipping in the continental US
Leader Half Pint Evaporator

Supreme Pan - $1685

Comes with easy to follow instructions.

Shipped standard UPS

Call for shipping cost

... depending upon location shipping cost may add up to $200 to the overall price.
Half Pint
Accessory Kit - $166. DELIVERED
  • 8 ft x 6" galv stove pipe
  • 6" galv elbow
  • 2 draw off faucets
  • one pair firing gloves
  • Cornell Univ DVD - "Maple Production for the Beginner"

Leader has improved and expanded the Half Pint model to now include a optional extension to the original arch, a more efficient flued pan and a BTU Booster consisting of a 120 volt blower installed on a new air intake door.

The Half Pint Supreme Pan - $945

... call for shipping

6 micro flues added to the middle section of the pan greatly increases the evaporation rate compared to the standard flat pan. The evaporation rate will go from 4 - 6 gallons per hour to 7 - 9 with the increased surface area of the supreme pan.

The supreme pan can replace the original Half Pint flat pan or expand the original arch using the new extension to add the Supreme pan to the basic model.

The flues are shallow making them easy to clean

  half pint supreme pan

Half Pint arch extension kit - $220

... call for shipping


  The arch extension kit can be purchased with the flat bottom boiling pan or the new Supreme flued pan. Extending the original arch with the kit using the Supreme pan will increse evaporation rate by 65%.

BTU Booster - $315

... call for shipping cost

An easily installed accessory that increases evaporation rate. The 120 volt blower increses turbulance in the fire box with a massive amount of air to increase heating temperatures.

   BTU Booster

2 x 6 American Evaporator

  • 42 inch long drop flue pan
  • 30 inch long syrup pan
  • Evaporation Rate - 30 35 gallons per hour
  • Recommended number of taps - 90 - 200
  • with galvanized arch and stack - $5350.00
  • with Stainless Steel arch and stack - $6235.
  • prices do NOT include shipping

    Other configurations available
Leader American evaporator